How did I learnt SQL


At Vatico, we talk a lot about problem-solving but the assumption is you know how to do your SQL. Once you have a business need/ problem, you can implement.


Without SQL, the bunch of problem-solving is useless

Getting your technical right means you can focus on the problem-solving aspect of business


What exactly do we do with SQL? Data transformation

Process raw data (provided in data warehouse) to a format and structure which is insightful and can fulfill a business need


My own journey on learning SQL


The role of technical expertise in problem-solving at Vatico


Problem-solving is a highly coveted asset at Vatico, especially in the Data Analytics Team. Although problem-solving is more highly sought-after than technical skills in Vatico, it is still important to have sufficient technical expertise. This is because we can readily leverage on technical knowledge to fulfill important business goals whenever such business needs arise. For instance, if we want to know which parts of the day are lull period for sales so that we can further streamline advertising and marketing efforts, we must be able to effortlessly use our technical expertise to meet this business objective. 


In the Data Analytics team, we mainly use PostgreSQL to transform raw data in the data warehouse to a format and structure useful for meeting specific business needs. This process is known as data transformation. Depending on the business problem, we might be dealing with structured and relational databases or unstructured and non-relational databases. An example in which we transform structured and relational databases is when we are interested in finding out which warehouses incur the greatest costs. An example in which we parse unstructured and non-relational databases is when we want to examine the chronology of the status of each product: from the moment a product is ordered to the moment it is delivered. 


I self-learnt SQL on DataCamp and learnt RStudio in college, which helped me to grasp PostgreSQL more easily. At the start, the many functions and packages available might seem daunting. However, over time, after practicing more extensively, my technical competence improved. At the end of the day, do not let the technical details deter you. Always remember the business problem and let the technical aspects serve your needs.

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