What I wish to learn during my time here

During my 3 month internship at Vatico, I wish to learn more about the following:

  1. Have a better understanding of business flow

Given that I have very limited business knowledge currently, I wish to learn more about how different parts of the business comes together (operations, automation, data, marketing, etc) and how businesses can leverage on technology (such as databases and automation) to improve their business prospects because these are not things I will pick up as fast in larger corporations since work is highly segmented. I also hope to gain deeper insights into payment process and financial statements by working on projects assigned.

  1. Improve my expertise when it comes to working with databases


Having only had some experience doing SQL in school, I hope to use this opportunity to improve my abilities when it comes to writing queries. Through the process taught to me by my mentors, I hope to improve my technical know-hows and hence level up as analyst. I also hope to be able to think about processes clearer through improving the automation process, allowing me to solve more problems in the future.

  1. Know myself better


I also wish to gain a greater understanding of myself throughout this process. I want to know how I work with people across different cultures and backgrounds and how I function in different environments. Having had some experience working in large companies, working with much smaller team is definitely an interesting experience which I am looking forward to. By comparing these differences, I hope to discover what kind of environment I would prefer and ultimately gain a better understanding of myself.


I hope that I will be able to accomplish these goals by the time I finish my internship so that I will not only improve my technical abilities but also gain more business insights and a better understanding of myself.

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